NH Storm with Kevin / by Evan Loignon

A few weeks back I get a message from my friend Kevin at WND & WVS “good swell coming Tuesday”. I hop on the computer and check Surfline. Predicted 4-6 at 10sec he was wrong, there was great surf coming. Being on a film kick I pick up two rolls of portra 400 and two rolls of Tri-X. Tuesday rolls around as I pull up to the spot I can see the surf is not as amazing as expected. But no matter it was still better than 80% of the days here in Maine. As Kevin checks the spot I thrown in ma roll portra, the morning light is meeting dark storm clouds pushing out to sea.


All in all it was a good day, Kevin caught some bombs and missed some. I also got some images and missed some as well. Then noon rolled around and so did the wind blowing everything out. Giving me a chance put the camera down and pulled on my suit and catch some for myself. Here are some more shots from the day!