NH Storm with Kevin by Evan Loignon

A few weeks back I get a message from my friend Kevin at WND & WVS “good swell coming Tuesday”. I hop on the computer and check Surfline. Predicted 4-6 at 10sec he was wrong, there was great surf coming. Being on a film kick I pick up two rolls of portra 400 and two rolls of Tri-X. Tuesday rolls around as I pull up to the spot I can see the surf is not as amazing as expected. But no matter it was still better than 80% of the days here in Maine. As Kevin checks the spot I thrown in ma roll portra, the morning light is meeting dark storm clouds pushing out to sea.


All in all it was a good day, Kevin caught some bombs and missed some. I also got some images and missed some as well. Then noon rolled around and so did the wind blowing everything out. Giving me a chance put the camera down and pulled on my suit and catch some for myself. Here are some more shots from the day!

First Roll of Super8 by Evan Loignon

This summer I was working in Dexter Maine at MaineSole. I had a strong hearing feeling feeling for the ocean and the only thing that could get me close to the sea was surf edits and Bruce Browns the endless summer. After watching endless summer for the 15th time I decided I wanted to shoot a film video just like bruce so I hoped on eBay and did some digging for a super8 after a few days of looking for one that was resanbly priced and fully tested. I ended up being the highest bidder on a 1967 Bolex 160micro zoom at $100. A film camera docent work with out film and noting works these days without digitization so I found a package at pro8 that dose it all for me and sends me the film and file back. 3m34s of film for $103 what a deal am I right. So heres a the first roll to check quality and if the camera really worked there shots of the sea my friends surfing and a trip to Marthas vineyard.